Visiting Buea

We are no longer in Cameroon.  We completed our five year commitment and returned to the USA.

However there is still a need for service volunteers to work in the clinic, lab and hospital. If you prefer sight seeing, the South West region of Cameroon offers some very beautiful sights.

The nearest international airport is located in Douala Cameroon (DLA). Most flights from the USA will have a layover somewhere in Europe. Buea is located about 90 Kms from the airport. With good weather and traffic you can be arriving an hour after you exit the airport. Most often it takes between an hour and a half to two hours. Only in the worst weather and traffic does it take longer.

Cameroon Embassy in the US
Cameroon Embassy in the US Visa page. Look at the PDFs for Consular fees and Visa Application.
CDC recommendations for vaccines
US State department's Cameroon page

When traveling to Africa from the USA, be sure to bring your money as cash in $100 bills. These should be in good condition and no older than 2003.  You will be pleased to know that Buea has ATMs in town that accept both Visa and Mastercard.  Please check with your bank in regards to usage fees.