Friday, October 2, 2009


Have you ever considered what you eat? Not only what you eat, but what will and won't be available in a new location?

While I like to try out a variety of things, I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to my food. For breakfast I enjoy an omelet with peppers, mushrooms, and cheese; hash-browns; and Stripples (a veggie version of bacon); fruit; and of course some sort of home roasted-fresh brewed coffee. Lunch is some sort of pasta with veggies, tuna or salmon; and fruit. Dinner is more flexible; but similar to lunch, possibly soup and salad or going out to eat with Trixy. For snacks I enjoy Triscuts and cheese; tortilla chips and salsa; and/or popcorn.

Now, on our quick visit to Cameroon, there are plenty of eggs (but not the pre-made egg substitute I like to use for my omelets); vegetables; and fruit. Rice replaces pasta (which is available in Douala and for a price). Potatoes are available, but more likely sweet potatoes. However pre made hash-browns in the big city and for a price. Most of my typical fruit will need to be replaced. I like pears and a variety of apples. While I will probably find these, the most widely available will be typical tropical selections.

Cheese - I AM a cheese-aholic. I anticipate this to be the major challenge for me. Not only will it be expensive, but not on par with Vermont Cheddar (IMHO). I didn't see tortilla chips, but all the ingredients for salsa are available. There are other cracker/biscuit selections available - though I do wonder if there will be similar product to Triscuts.

We will live in a coffee and tea growing region. But the most common sort of coffee is instant. And I do drink tea, but usually opt for coffee. This too could be a challenging area for me. Milo does a fair job replacing Ovaltine (though it is available for a price).

Well, suffice to say, I will be curious (as might you) as to how I will adapt my food choices.