Thursday, February 18, 2010

So much on my mind

There is so much on my mind. Where do I start? Do I tell you that I was dreaming about being in Paris and interacting in relatively French? Or about our needs at the Health Centre? Or my great disappointment that "Amazing Grace" is not in our church hymnals?

Do I continue my thoughts on being a "Missionary"? Or that I really wish people to be converted to Agape more than any dogma or creed? Do I relate more observations about busses, motos, and taxis? Or perhaps about how everything I look at is organizational culture; behavior or policy related since I am focusing right now on these topics in my leadership program?

Or do I relate the simple joys: Jordan's silly grin and increased energy when the temps are cooler; recognizing people - in the market or just walking along the street - exchanging warm greetings; or that song # 93 in SDA Hymnal ("All Things Bright and Beautiful") brings happy tears to my eyes (I am SUCH a sap); that we are finding new, quieter places to walk with Jordan; and that I actually enjoy mapping the places I go with my GPS?

Or do I share my our food discoveries; our recipes; cooking for Jordan and grinding up egg shells for calcium enrichment?

There is so much on my mind, where do I start? What would you like to know more about?