Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seasons Greetings

In America it seems like the holiday season starts on Labor day. Here in Cameroon it will be yet another week (even then it takes a little bit of adjustment to hear "happy xmas"). In America we have changing leaves and harvest which leads us into Thanksgiving and hopefully into reflection. The holiday season brings much reflection for me. There are a variety of celebrations, some are ancient and some are new. The celebrations come from our various faith and national traditions. But America (at least) calls this the holiday season.

There is the Festival of Lights, First of Muharram, Bodhi Day, Day of Ashura, various traditional celebrations of the winter Solstice (Yule, Tohji-taisai, Christmas), Death of Zarathustra, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Ghambar Maidyarem, and the Gregorian New Year.

We will likely honor one more than the others, we may not. We may wish our friends of other faiths well on their holy day(s) celebration(s) or not. We may or may not agree with the historical accounts or beginnings of celebrations and holy days - yet here we are.

As a Christian raised in America I enjoy the celebration of Christmas, first in recognition of Jesus' birth (though I do not accept it as the literal day) and in the traditions in which I was raised (Yule celebrations without the Pagan meanings).

We may be old friends or ancient foes; new acquaintances or misunderstood strangers. Though you may not know me, you might either hate me or love me. Friend, foe, or neutral, this is my hope, my prayer for you: May love, peace and joy be yours throughout the season and in the coming year. May you be blessed beyond expectation or hope. May the impulse of Love carry us beyond our personal perspectives into a purposed understanding of one another.