Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

[NOTE: This was originally written on November 25, 2010]

My life is filled with many ups and downs, joys and frustrations, successes and failures. Yet I reflect on the past year and I find it has been quite full. Full of friends and family; full of laughter and good times and full of challenges and mind-numbing frustrations.
I am thankful for Trixy and many incredible friends: in the USA and in Cameroon. These are the salt and pepper of life. I am thankful for my still kickin' parents and in-laws. These friends and family engage themselves with me in life.
I am thankful that Love is not dead and that Peace is not just a concept. I am thankful for each person who has not inhibited the impulse of love or peace towards me. I am doing my best to pay it forward.
Happy Thanksgiving!