Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mildew and Mushrooms and Mold, Oh My!

Photo by Brittney Hostetter. Moldy bones are my dog's!

A Joint Posting by Brittney Hostetter and Trixy Franke

A Very Moldy Parody of Dr. Seuss' popular verse One Fish, Two Fish...

Who knew that fish and fungi had so much in common!
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Dr. Seuss and, obviously, get no financial benefits.

Small mold big mold green mold blue mold
Black mold orange mold old mold new mold

Some are pink and some are brown. Some are up and some are down.
Some are plaid and some are rad. And some are very, very bad.

Why are they plaid and rad and bad? I don't know. Go ask your dad.
Some are fluffy and some are slimy. Slimy one appears quite grimy.

From there to here, from here to there, creepy molds everywhere.
Here are some who grow on socks. They grow below on the wet, wet rocks.

Oh me! Oh my!
Oh me! Oh my!
Too many fungi meet the eye.

 Photo by Brittney Hostetter

Some have long hair and some have short.
Some have fuzz and some have a wart.
Where do they grow from?

I can’t say.
But I bet it's not so very far away.

We see them come.
We wish they'd go.

Some grow fast.
And some grow slow.

Some grow high.
And some grow low

Not one of them is like another.
Don't ask us why.
Go ask your mother.

My friend, Brittney, reminds us that the best treatment for mold is exposure to sunlight. Likewise  the best treatment for our souls is exposure to the Son's Light. 

Photo by Brittney Hostetter

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