Thursday, January 10, 2013

SIMS Health Fair - Dec 2012

 Pictures from the four day health expo compliments of Bill Colwell, Jr.

Buea Seventh-day Adventist Health Centre was thrilled to host and work with a team of health care volunteers from Loma Linda University that came to visit from December 27 to January 05, 2013. During their time here, the team, made up of local and international volunteers, joined hands and worked toward the common goal of promoting health and healthy choices to the residents of Buea.

Among those on the team were 11 post graduates students from LLU, 4 faculty professors, 2 nursing students from Cosendai Adventist University, youths from our local church, and volunteers from HADY Guiding Services,  Live Build,  and Humanity Exchange (Hoptec). And of course, our own hardworking staff sacrificed their holiday time to help out at the fair. It was truly a team effort.

During their time in Cameroon, the team accomplished several outreach activities. These included:

1. Heath Expo - four days of health screenings and counseling. Participants underwent several screening exams that included blood pressure, blood sugar, cardiovascular endurance, oral health, pulmonary peak flows, and BMI. They learned about the importance of rest and enjoyed a massage even! At the end, each participant 'graduated' with a personal health passport with the results of their screening tests that assisted the health counselors as they spoke in groups and one-on-one with folks about how to improve their health.

2. Free HIV Screening - one day the team went out into the local community and performed free HIV screening and counseling. Over 70 villagers were screened and counseled.

3. Orphanages - the team enjoyed a mutual blessing at two local orphanages as the children played and entertained the members while LLU brought needed supplies and even some fun toys to the children.

Once again, an enormous thank you to all who sacrificed their time and holiday to participate in this successful health promotion!