Sunday, February 10, 2013

Here is a doctor...

Watercolour and Ink Painting by Mrs P

Author's Note: A dear friend who has been a tremendous encouragement to me recently composed the following verse to brighten my day. She has generously agreed to allow me to share it with you all on this blog. May you be blessed as well!

Here is a doctor in need of some rest.
Here is a doctor who'll never get bored,
She dashes from meetings to clinic and ward.
Here is a doctor who gets up each day,
And takes on the challenges placed in her way,
And tries to keep death and diseases at bay.
Here is a doctor who's longing for bed;
By midnight such hopeful ambition has fled,
For here is the call she must answer instead
As patients, prescriptions and pain fill her head.
Here is a doctor, not fully awake
Who crawls from her bed for Hippocrates' sake
Just one more dark night when more lives are at stake
With split second vital decisions to make;
Unsure every time what will mend, what will break.
Here is a doctor with nothing to spare
Who knows that a straightforward night shift is rare;
And here are the souls who depend on  her care.
Despite shedding tears of exhaustion, she's there
She prays that there's always more toil she can bear,
Accepting that life can be hard and unfair.
Here is a doctor, recalling the night,
A stroll led by chance to a soul lifting sight
The African moon, and the stars clear and bright
A moment to reach out, and claim and hold tight
And picture when dark shadows threaten the light.
Here is a doctor, in spite of it all
Who listened and wondered and followed the call.
Her path isn't easy, she'll stumble and fall
Then pick herself up, shake the dust and stand tall.
Here is a doctor with much more to face
Her weapons are those which no gold could replace;
Good humour, the blessing of friends and God's grace
Here is a doctor whose soul is at peace
All storm clouds will vanish, all striving will cease.
Here is a doctor in need of some rest.
Written by the talented and ever encouraging by Mrs P. Thank you!