Friday, January 17, 2014

Missionary Dog

Jordan, Missionary Dog and Dog-Child Extraordinaire!


My name is Jordan. I’m a missionary dog in Cameroon. Cameroon is in West Africa in case you want to look it up on the map.

I was originally born in Southern California. For the first year of my life, I wandered the streets alone. One day I came to an animal shelter. It was there that I met my future family, Bill and Trixy. When they adopted me into their lives, I almost wagged my tail off with joy. When Trixy and Bill moved to Indiana, I went with them. Although I’d never seen snow before, I liked it. I had fun digging and running in the snow.  Then Bill and Trixy moved again – this time to my current home in Buea, Cameroon.

 Jordan digging in the snow of Indiana

It’s a lot warmer here. No snow. The temperature ranges between 70 to 85 degrees Fairehight all year round. Instead of the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, we have the dry season and the rainy season. During the rainy season which begins around June and tapers off in September, it rains almost all the time. Everything moulds. Even the fur on my ears turns a bit grey with mildew if Trixy doesn’t clean them.

Besides the weather, the animals are different too! Instead of chasing after squirrels with bushy tails I now chase big lizards with scaly orange tails! Both can run fast.

Jordan stalking a lizard on the wall.

I don’t eat dry crunchy Purina dog food anymore. Instead Bill feeds me freshly cooked beans and rice every day. It can get a little boring but luckily Bill and Trixy spice it up with additions of egg, pear, papaya, and bread. For a treat, Bill will sometimes buy little pieces of meat on a stick called SOYA. And occasionally, they’ll bring back chicken and chips for me. Chips, by the way, are fried potatoes known as French fries in the Unitied States. I love chips!

Jordan jumping for chips (french fries).

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I have to share Bill and Trixy now. One day Trixy brought home this strange tiny fluff ball that went ‘meow’. A cat! I was curious and a bit nervous. The fluff ball could hiss and fluff out like a puffer fish when it wanted. Eventually though, Milo (that’s the fur ball’s name), and I became friends. Sometimes she tries to get me to chase her when we play in the yard. She’s ok but I’m still the boss. I let her eat my beans and rice when I’m finished. Sometimes I try to steal her fish although Bill usually keeps me inside so she can eat without me.

Jordan and Milo playing in the yard.

I spend my days watching over my family, Bill and Trixy and Milo (but don’t tell milo!). In the morning, I dance around the door and get Bill outside for his fresh air. We run around our very large yard. Later, while everyone is working, I lay around and keep alert. If anyone comes to the door, I’m the first to let people know. I’m always quicker than the doorbell.

In the afternoon, I try to get my family to go on a walk. The Cameroonians think it’s a bit strange to see a dog walking on a leash. Some of them stare. Many of the children call out ‘white man dog’! I don’t know why? I’m clearly brown.

Some people eat dogs here. Occasionally I’ll overhear people say to my family, “dash me your dog. I want to chop your dog.” (that means, ‘give me your dog because I want to eat your dog’ by the way). I’m thankful my family will never do such a thing. 

Jordan in her front yard.

Many dogs are guard dogs. Dogs that live with their family in their house and are considered pets are rare. I’m thankful for Bill and Trixy. They’re my “pack”. Even though Cameroon is a lot different than Indiana and California, I like it here. I’m happy because I’m a part of the family -- and where my family is; there is my home.

Jordan with Trixy and Bill at Christmas
 (Milo was around but was being a typical "cat" and ran out of the picture)