Monday, May 16, 2016

The Quarry

So 31 years ago I wrote this for a literature class. Enjoy.

The white sun reflects off My white body, it is spring
Trees are budding, flowers blooming, I am nervous
My feet are heavy, My stomach churns, My ears ring
Before Me is the quarry, its walls loom ominous

Standing atop her walls I look down
Down into the dark murky water, My heart pounds
How deep dare I go, will there be pain, will I drown
I teeter at the edge . . . JUMP . . . I hear strange sounds

People screaming, moaning, yelling, groaning . . . SPLASH
Blackness, silence, coldness, is this what its like to be suspended in time and space
i am alive, i have learned, i am different . . . FLASH
The warm white sun reflects off the cold dark water into my face

Amazing Grace! I was blind but now i see
Amazing Grace saved a wretch like Me

© 1985 Bill Colwell Jr

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