Saturday, June 23, 2012

An Ode to Medical Books

The Medical Record

They come to see the doctor
Consult booklet for to proctor

If you don’t bring your old one
No problem, buy a new one

The variety of covers are diverse as clothing worn
Some official where name and logo prominently adorn
Others unofficial with cartoon and animal appearing so forlorn

Teddy bears and rainbow flower
Superman and Dora the Explorer

Football players, lions, zebras, even Brittany Spears
All have adorned books that I’ve seen throughout the years

Some are newly printed with crisp clean toner
Others look as if they’re older than their owner

Rats have chewed the edges of the pages
Tots have scribbled in accordance with their ages

Water, substances best unknown
Smudge the letters
‘Though if truth be told
The handwriting was atrocious to behold

Open carefully and gingerly
Pages, receipts, lab reports
May fly away of sorts

Though of course the chart
 Might still decide to fall apart

Red and yellow, black and white
Torn and tattered, dull or bright
All are precious in my sight

So when you come to consult bring
Every single med book thing